8 Subtle Signs Of Lung Cancer Every Single Woman Needs To Know

When it comes to body, undoubtedly health matters! And to check the health, we must do regular health check-ups. But wait, if your body is giving you several warning signs then you must take them seriously. Seeking a doctor’s help is important as only a doctor can diagnose a problem, but you are the one who knows your body better. Do you know what is more important than that? Women must be aware that female bodies may Lung cancer, in particular, kills more women a year than any other form of cancer, but few women are aware of all the symptoms, particularly those specific to their gender.show different symptoms than male bodies.
Surprisingly lung cancer kills more women a year than any other form of cancer, however, few women knows some of the symptoms, especially those specific to their gender.

Shortness Of Breath

Everyone is aware that after exerting ourselves feel short of breath, but If just getting out of bed in the morning causing you short of breath, then it might be warning you that you are having a respiratory issue.

Feeling Of Fatigue All The Time

Feeling fatigue all the time can be alarming as you might be having infection or illness from the flu to lupus. If you are not getting sound sleep and feeling exhausted, then you must fix an appointment with the doctor.

Constant Coughing

If you are getting annoyed by daily cough problems, and the situation is getting worse then, you must fix an appointment with a doctor. It is alarming as it is your body’s natural reaction to an irritation in your respiratory system.

Back And Shoulder Pain

Undoubtedly we can’t link back pain with lungs, but pain around shoulders and sharp aches might be indicating there is some issue. This is because women are more prone to a form of lung cancer.

Hoarse Voice

We mostly link hoarse voice with a smoking, but in few cases, hoarseness voice can be a symptom of spreading cancer. It is possible that cancer in respiratory system can irritate vocals and make voice scratchy.

Weight Loss

Most of the women are trying to lose weight but face issues to do it. But if you find sudden weight loss of 10-15 kgs you must contact a doctor.

Trouble Swallowing

As discussed earlier if there are swelling and inflammation in respiratory track, then it is possible you might feel difficulties in swallowing.

Chest Pain

Just like the back pain you might experience chest pain as the lining of the lungs becomes inflamed.If you are feeling continues pain in your ribs then you must contact your doctor.