Grim Reaper shows up far to early for his appointment, with hilarious results.


Usually seeing the Grim Reaper is not a good sign. Well, at least he’s the last being you’ll encounter …  But, obviously it’s not that simple.

While that shipwrecked pirate is certainly in a bad situation himself, the Reaper is a little early for his appointment with him, in fact much too early! Maybe a recent appointment finished ahead of schedule, but this pirate’s time is not over yet. Luckily, there are rules in hell too, so the Reaper can’t take a soul before it’s time…so, he has to wait and bide his time, doing whatever amusing activity he can lay his cold hands on.

As the Reaper is skipping coins from the pirate’s treasure, he notices a little wink on the water and decides to go fishing instead. Unfortunately for the Reaper, the fish is slightly bigger than expected, pulling him—instead of the sailor—into the water.

Hilariousness ensures as the lumbering Grim Reaper tries to tame the fish, while being towed behind. With all this trouble, did he forget about that poor pirate? No he didn’t, but we promise it won’t end in the way you’d expect.