Picture Showing Fundamental Similarities B/W Outgoing-Incoming Presidents Of America


In 2009, when Democrat Barack Obama had won the Presidential Elections, people around the world, including media, believed that the Outgoing Republican President, George Bush would make it hard for an African-American President to occupy space in the Oval Office. But, to everyone’s surprise, nothing like that happened, and Bush allowed the smooth transition of powers for Barack Obama.

Time changed, people changed, and after ruling the White House twice, it was now finally time for Barack Obama to welcome the 45th president of America, Donald Trump. Although Obama personally didn’t want Trump to take his place, but still he heartily announced that he’d ensure that Trump is welcomed to the White House in the best way possible, and ensured a smooth transition of power for him.

Almost all of us had witnessed these two occasions, in 2009 when Bush welcomed Obama, and recently when Obama welcomed Trump. Shockingly, on both the occasions we didn’t notice the outgoing presidents of America, as were busy loving the incoming leaders.

Let’s have a look at the pictures showing fundamental similarities between outgoing presidents of America.

In this picture, Obama And Bush’s family welcoming them at the White House.

In this picture, Obama And Bush's family welcoming them at the White House.

Bush seemed happy that finally, someone eligible and sensible who deserves to be a President had won elections to lead America towards greatness.

But that’s not the case with Obama and Trump.