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Surprising Facts About Kristen Wiig

I’ve been obsessed with Saturday Night Live since I was a kid! That was the one show that my parents let me stay up late to watch on the weekends. There have been so many talented performers on the show, but my favorite definitely has to be Kristen Wiig! She came up with so many weird and goofy characters that make me laugh even just thinking about them. She’s also one of SNL‘s most successful cast members because she’s gone on to star (and write!) in movies that went number one at the box office!

Here’s everything you need to know about Kristen, the talented and hilarious comedy star!

1. She never even thought about pursuing acting for most of her life! She was taking acting as an elective in university and the professor encouraged her to seriously think about continuing to do it.

2. She admitted that she was a problem child growing up. “I probably lived more of a rock-star life when I was 15. I got in trouble a fair amount. I cared more about hanging out and skipping school than studying.”

3. Kristen came up with the Target Lady character for her SNL audition! It became one of her most memorable characters!

4. The creator of SNL, Lorne Michaels, ranked Kristen as one of the show’s top performers. When he was asked about Kristen, he quickly replied: “Top three or four.”

That’s some pretty high praise considering SNL has some incredible alumni like Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, and Adam Sandler!

5. Bridesmaids became Kristen’s breakout role. She starred in it AND wrote the screenplay with her best friend, Annie Mumolo.

6. After Judd Apatow was impressed with Kristen’s short cameo in Knocked Up, he asked her if she had any plans to write a movie for herself. After that, she got started on Bridesmaids!

7. Bridesmaids became a movie that everybody started quoting, especially if you knew someone getting married soon! But Kristen said that she doesn’t think of it as a wedding movie at all.

“I’ve always seen it as a friendship movie and not a wedding movie — which I think is hard for people to get because it’s called Bridesmaids.